Google Trends: recession - Mozilla Firefox

I forget where I read that looking at how often the word “recession” appears in the newspaper is as good a method as any of determining whether we are actually in a recession or not, it might have been the Left Business Observer, but I after seeing the word pop up a few times recently, I thought I’d see what Google Trends showed. The result doesn’t look good.

Note that it is only the occurrence of the word that matters, the context is unimportant – as in the Feb 28th 2007 news story titled “Economists: Recession unlikely” which sparked off a flurry of searches on Google. More recent reports are far less optimistic.

Love – ING

Over at Mark Swofford notices a new trend of inserting “ING” at the end of Chinese verbs. When I twittered about this, Zonble pointed me to the above song by MayDay, the title of which is 戀愛ing (Lianai – ING), meaning “loving” or “romancing.” Interestingly, if you listen to the song they don’t pronounce it the way I thought they would. Instead of saying “ing” as in English, they spell out the letters. I suppose that reflects the derivation of this practice from the written form in online chatrooms and the like.

UPDATE: Also see this 1994 study on the “Assimilation of Roman letters into the Chinese writing system.”