Bill on Security Backed in Senate; Veto Threatened

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Did anyone miss this? I ususally don’t post such headline stories, but I think it is amazing that the White House would be willing to veto the creation of its new Big Brother deparment just because Congress wants people transferred to the department to retain their civil service protections! It reminds me of the battle that almost stopped the federalization of Airport Security over the same issues.

The White House today threatened for the first time to veto a version of the bill creating a Homeland Security Department that was once embraced by both parties.

Ari Fleischer, the White House spokesman, said Democrats had stripped the administration of the management flexibility necessary to run the department, making it harder to reward good employees or punish poor performers. But Democrats said they could not believe that a disagreement over personnel and union issues would truly drive the president to veto a department he proposed just last month.”

Bill on Security Backed in Senate; Veto Threatened