Labor, The Economy

The department of labor reports that worker productivity is up. But what does that mean? I can understand it when we are talking about industrial workers producing cars or anything else of the sort. But most of my experience in American work places is in white collar offices where I never saw anyone working. I saw a lot of meetings, a lot of people playing solitaire, a lot of gossiping, etc. but not much of what I would call work.”

I have several friends who work at large corporations and they tell me they have absolutely no work to do whatsoever. They are artists and spend the day doing their own work. I don’t know of any studies about this — but I’m convinced that much of corporate america is just welfare for the middle class. As long as you don’t rock the boat and are willing to put up with hours of bullshit each day you can be assured of a steady pay check. No wonder these folks vote for Bush. Its willful ignorance.” If you had a boring job that assured you a decent quality of life without too much effort, would you want to question authority?

I remember working for a telemarketing company as a temp. Every white guy who came in to work as a tele-marketer was almost immediately offered a position in management. I was offered a full time job (with benefits) in the data processing department — just because I could use the Excel Chart-Wizard!!! I can tell you that nobody in management did more than a few hours of productive work in a day.

UPDATE: If they’re not playing solitaire, maybe they’re blogging!