Politics, Race

The BBC reports that 21 Hindus accused of killing 12 Muslims in the 2002 communal riots in Gujarat will be retried after they were acquitted last June.

It is good that there will be a re-trail, but I do not believe that this will do very much in the way of bringing justice for the 1,000 people killed in 2002. I just watched a documentary film on this subject, Final Solution by Rakesh Sharma. While it was not a particularly well made film, as testimony to the events of 2002 it was a powerful document. One of the most chilling scenes involves footage showing a Hindu mob waiting as police lead the way into a Muslim neighborhood with tear gas and riot gear. It couldn’t be clearer that the state was directly involved in the events that led to the rape, murder, looting, and displacement of thousands of Gujarat’s Muslims. Make no mistake about it, this was state-sponsored terror. Unfortunately, those at the top, such as Chief Minister Narendra Modi, will not be brought to justice.

For more information see this excellent site devoted to documenting the violence in Gujarat. Also look at the Campaign to Stop Funding Hate, aimed at stopping overseas funding of organizations that support political violence in India.