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Sudan: The Passion of the Present is an independent, non-partisan, all-volunteer community initiative to stop the genocide in Sudan.”

This link via Ethan Zuckerman, who has some interesting thoughts about why bloggers aren’t writing more about Darfur, even though there is pretty decent media coverage:

The truth is, the media’s done an excellent job in the last two months of reporting the story, as I noted a few weeks back. But while the blogosphere has picked up the story, they haven’t massively amplified it — Blogpulse shows about 0.03% of blog entries mentioning Darfur and 0.07% mentioning Sudan. While this number has risen substantially in the last couple of months (from a near-whisper), it still is an order of magnitude smaller than the number of blog entries (roughly 0.9%) mentioning Iraq.

He suggests that the story won’t resonate with people until there are more pictures in the media, and suggests helping raise $45,000 to send a TV crew to the refugee camps.

Personally, I’m fairly amazed that only 0.9% of blog entries mention Iraq. I mean, isn’t there a war there or something?

UPDATE: This site has a wealth of information on Sudan.