Info Tech

Every once in a while a meme starts circulating from one blog to another. Either everyone is supposed to list sentences from random books on their shelf, take a picture of their workspace, check off which books they’ve read from some random list, etc. I have so far successfully avoided these. However, this one is actually something I’ve been meaning to do anyway, so I’m happy to oblige.

Jonas, Joi, and Adriaan have all listed some of their favorite applications for Mac OS X. So here is my list of 42 essential programs for Mac OS X. Some of them may not be essential to you — at least three are Chinese related, and a few more are geek tools that not everyone will use, but they are all great apps and you might not have heard of some of them, so check it out. The list will probably continue to grow, so you might want to bookmark it (or subscribe to the RSS feed for that tag).