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I believe in trying to give credit where credit is due. Some bloggers always put a thanks,””via,””by way of,” etc. credit in their posts, pointing to the blog where they found that particular link in the first place. Sometimes people even thank the blogger who posted the item, and the blogger where they saw the other bloggers post. But sometimes I simply don’t remember where I saw something, or I only blog about it after seeing it in 20 different places and would rather mention the first site, rather than the last one.

Unfortunately, there is really no simple way to figure out how I got somewhere. I might have discovered a new blog in someone’s blogroll, then read a story by them, then clicked on a link to post in another blog which I often read, but haven’t checked in on in a while, only to discover the story I really want to write about…

What I’d like is some kind of a trail. My browser’s history just doesn’t do the job. I wish there was some better way of keeping track of these things that focused more on the process of web browsing. Perhaps if each link also kept information about the referring link, so that when I posted a link to my blog you could control-click on it and see all the bread-crumbs along the way as well as the final link?