Morning After


Kevin Hayden at the American Street, asks:

And what will become of the 5,936,237,541 political blogs AFTER the election?

If Bush wins, I figure it’s three years in Gitmo for half of us, for re-education’ and make-pretend-non-torture. If Kerry wins, it’ll just be drunken orgies, mandatory abortions, and lesbians marrying Middle America’s cornfed daughters, then we’ll surrender the country to Osama al-Hussein in return for his record opium crops. But that’ll get old by Thanksgiving.

He may be joking, but I would like see some serious discussion about what to do if Bush gets reelected. If you think that Bush is simply incompetent then perhaps waiting another four years is bad, but not anything to get worked up about; however, if (like me) you find David Neiwert’s case for The Rise of Pseudo Fascism convincing, then something must be done! But what?

I think there are two questions:

  1. Can one continue one’s previous life-course if Bush wins again, or does it mean we have to put our careers on the back burner for the next four years and devote ourselves to making sure the next election isn’t so close?

  2. If we loose, and I wouldn’t be surprised, does it mean that the Democratic Party isn’t up to the task? If not, what are our alternatives for the next election? Can another MoveOn/Howard Dean style campaign successfully reshape the democratic party?

On the other hand, if Kerry wins, but the Republicans still control the senate, then we still have a job to do, much like we’ve been doing, but we can have hope that what we are doing makes a difference….

If Kerry wins, and we win the senate. Then I’ll join Kevin for that drunken orgy…

UPDATE: I forgot a third possibility: That the election is contested. Then things will get ugly…