Free Speech

Academic, Law, Politics

In my last post on Ward Churchill, I wrote:

If Churchill did deliberately misrepresent the work of other scholars, his academic status should be reconsidered.

I would like to modify my stance. I’ve had some time to look into the matter more closely, and I find myself in agreement with the ACLU of Colorado which says:

The Regents should take care that the Chancellor’s investigation of Mr. Churchill’s competence is not a fishing expedition to find something — anything — to use as an excuse to fire him. If that happens, their action will be subjected to a high level of scrutiny to determine if it is really a guise to fire him for the content of his writing.

Similarly, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education says:

We would further like to emphasize that accusations of unrelated wrongdoing should not be used as excuses to justify punishment of the professor for his political expression.

These are important points.

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