Taiwan Timeline


I’d like to issue a call for anyone and everyone who cares about the study of Taiwanese history to help contribute to the Wikipedia Timeline of Taiwanese History. Although I was aided tremendously by my handy copy of 臺灣史小事典, trying to sort out all the various dates and names of Taiwan’s various rebellions, rulers, institutions, etc. was a truly taxing endeavor, and took up a significant amount of time when I was writing my dissertation. I had created a timeline on my computer, and was slowly transferring it to the web on my own wiki, but it is simply too big a task for one person. Now that Wikipedia has already begun this project it is moving ahead very quickly. I’m trying to transfer information from my own notes, but I’d really like to see everyone else pitching in.

One thing that can be very useful about this timeline is if we can get the various pronunciations and spellings for each item in the list. In reading about Taiwanese history these can be as inconsistent as the pinyin spellings on Taiwan’s street signs, so this site could also function as a glossary.

Please see my site for links to additional timelines on the web.

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