Adieu Krugman!

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I just learned via Crooked Timber that one now has to pay $50 a year to gain access to the New York Times Op-Ed page. I’ll occasionally read something from that page if I see it mentioned elsewhere, but for the most part I find them all to be a bunch of blithering idiots, especially compared with the excellent analysis online every day — for free. Kevin Drum, Jeanne D’Arc, Nathan Newman, and the daily round up of commentary at are a million times better than the NY Times op-ed fare.

Pay to read Thomas Friedman and David Brooks, just so I can complain about them? Really!

I will miss Krugman, however. Hopefully they won’t shut down the Krugman archives!

By way of comparison, the Washington Post has started a new service whereby every story shows a list of blogs referring to that story. For about a year now I’ve already been using the Washington Post, together with the BBC, as my main online news source … I predict the Times will go the way of the dodo.

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