106 Houses!

Politics, Race, The Economy

Last night Shashwati and I called Roxy in Chharanager and heard some terrific news. (Skype’s conference calling feature is amazing!)

Just after New Year’s, we’d visited a road-side settlement of Denotified Tribal people who had been displaced from their homeland by urban development. This was in the Ahmedabad district of Maninangar.

Last week, the Budhan Theatre and hundreds of other activists around Gujarat and India staged a hunger strike on behalf of these people. Although not widely reported in the press, the hunger strike embarrassed the Municipal Corporation into agreeing to provide the displaced residents of Maninangar with 106 houses!

Roxy, Daxkin and the others are still working hard to make sure that these promises are kept, but it is a wonderful development and they are to be congratulated on their hard work!

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