The new Bollywood movie, Krrish, is not India’s first Superman movie. That distinction goes to the 1987 film, Superman.


However, Kriish, made by the same director who made the excellent E.T. rip-off, Koi … Mil Gaya, does look to be a promising film. Especially with action scenes directed by Hong Kong film veteran Tony Ching who has done way too much cool stuff to mention here (The Hero and House Of Flying Daggers and Kill Bill are just the latest projects in a long carrier that included directing A Chinese Ghost Story!)


Unlike many contemporary Bollywood actors, Krrish star Hrithik Roshan can actually dance, so I expect the musical numbers won’t be half bad either. (Did they get Tony Ching to direct those as well?)

Here is the NY Times article with more background and a summary of the story line.

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