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Want to create your own radio station, one which plays music you like?

Pandora is amazingly simple to use: you enter the name of an artist whose music you like and it starts playing additional music similar to the one you listed. You can add more artists to the same station” or you can create multiple stations for different artists. If you register for free you get up to 100 stations. It seems pretty good for alternative rock and obscure jazz, but not so good for international music. Right now it is ad free, but they will be adding ads to the free version and charging $3 a month for an ad-free version. Their license doesn’t allow them to play the same song twice — but that’s the point, right?

The other big music discovery service,, has some similar features, but it has never worked particularly well for me. Their latest update seems to have added welcome improvements, but seems to require a significantly larger investment of time and energy before it starts producing meaningful results. Pandora just works. Pandora’s web interface is also nice and simple in comparison.

UPDATE: Here are my Pandora radio stations and bookmarks.

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