Somewhere along the line, as I moved from one blogging platform to another, I lost 15 months worth of blog posts. Because, before I started Keywords I used to post much more frequently (my posts were also shorter and contained little original content), that is over 1200 missing posts.

Fortunately, thanks two two very useful scripts (Nucleus to WordPress Migrator and WordPress to WordPress Import), I was able to successfully reimport all of those missing posts into this blog, preserving the original dates. Since any links to my old blog have long since rotted away, I don’t care that the import failed to preserve the original URLs. More important is that those posts will now be searchable via Google and my own archives page (which I also fixed up).

Unfortunately, the posts I imported seem to lack any category association (not even unfiled”). Hopefully I’ll figure out some fix for that over time. Because my posting style changed so much when I started Keywords, I was originally hesitant to import these into the same blog; however, the simplicity of just maintaining one archive and blog for all my old records makes up for any confusion that might result.

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