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March 2, 2019

Call Me

Like many people who were active bloggers back when blogging was a new thing, I’m somewhat nostalgic for the pre-Facebook internet. It isn’t so

January 12, 2019

Talks and Film Screenings Winter 2019

Our winter break in Taiwan starts next week1 and Shashwati and I have a pretty busy schedule of talks, conferences, and film screenings. I thought

December 11, 2018

Can the Yellow Vests Speak?

What is happening in Paris is complicated. Add to that the fact that my French is not very good, and I am far too busy to read everything my friends

November 9, 2018

Recent hiring trends in anthropology

Below are some highlights from a new study on faculty hiring by anthropology programs in the US. approximately 79% of US anthropology doctorates do

October 11, 2018

A strange day in Urumqi

Khunjerab Pass In the Fall of 1990, a little over a year after the protests in Tiananmen Square came to their shocking and terrible conclusion, I

April 19, 2018

Visual Anthropology Programs in Taiwan

中文翻譯 While Taiwan may not have any MA programs dedicated to the study of visual anthropology, there are nonetheless many opportunities to study and

February 4, 2018

The perspective glass

He assembled for himself a significant collection of optical instruments that apparently enabled him to write his ‘Minute or First Draught of the

July 15, 2017

Teaching Higher Ed Taiwan

I frequently get approached by academics who would like to find a university teaching job in Taiwan, so I thought I’d share my standard advice as a

March 13, 2017

Ceci n’est pas Andy Warhol

True story: when I was a kid I once got yelled at by Andy Warhol who thought I was surreptitiously taking his photo. He was really furious and his

December 26, 2016

Nazi Cosplay

So this happened: An international incident was caused when students at Kuang Fu High School, a private high school in Hsinchu, Taiwan, dressed up

September 27, 2016

Politics as a Vocation

Who would Weber vote for in this election? Here’s a hint: As far as political… activities are concerned… Western experience has pre­sented two

July 12, 2016

Getting from Pudong to Hongqiao

So let’s say you bought the cheapest plane ticket you could get, even though it involved a five hour layover in Shanghai, but it was only when you