Yahoo Changes Spam Policy

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If you have

used Yahoo to purchase anything, for their e-mail forwarding service, or any

other service where you might have given them your address, phone number,

and e-mail address, then act soon or you will get spammed at all three

addresses starting in JUNE!!!

If you have a username and password for anything at, then you

should go to and click on account info” at the top of

the page (after logging in). You will see an item called Edit my marketing

preferences”. Yahoo has just re-set these so that everyone will start

getting bombarded with SPAM in JUNE — including your home address if they

have that, and even via the telephone!!! However, you have until June to go

to their web page and turn these options OFF.

I feel, as a matter of principle, that such settings should always be

set to no” unless people voluntarily opt-in” and turn the features on. If

you feel the same way, and have a Yahoo account, please write to Yahoo to

express your feelings. You can reach Yahoo at:

[email protected]