Access to Land: Land Reform and Security of Tenure

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Around the world, the poorest of the poor are the landless in rural areas,

followed closely by the land-poor, those whose poor quality plots are too

small to support a family. They make up the majority of the rural poor and

hungry, and it is in rural areas where the worst poverty and hunger are

found. …

The World Bank is taking the lead in promoting, and in some cases financing,

comprehensive reforms of land tenure, including titling, cadasters and land

registries, land market facilitation, market-assisted or negotiated

redistributive reforms, and credit, technical assistance and marketing

support …

While we applaud the fact that it is no longer taboo to propose land reform

as a key element in sustainable development …, we have

serious concerns about specific elements in the dominant reform packages

being implemented today. We fear that reliance on land privatization and

market forces may undercut the potential of land redistribution to contribute

to poverty reduction and ecological sustainability .”

(Food First/Institute for Food and Development Policy)