Google Answers: Frequently Asked Questions

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Google Answers

What is Google Answers?

Google’s search engine is a great way to find information online. But sometimes even experienced users need help finding exactly the answer they want to a question. Google Answers is a way to get that help from Researchers with expertise in online searching. When you post a question to Google Answers, you specify how much you’re willing to pay for an answer and how quickly you need that information. A Researcher will search for the answer and send you the information you’re seeking, as well as useful links to web pages on the topic. If you’re satisfied with that answer, you pay the amount you specified.

Your question will also be published on the Google Answers website so registered users can add their insights and share in the benefit of the research. Users who provide comments will not be paid for their posts, but they may add interesting perspectives to the data gathered by the Researcher. Your identity and personal information will not be revealed to either the Researcher or the community of registered users at any time; instead you will be identified only by a ‘Nickname’ that you select.

While our Researchers will do their best to help with every request, some questions simply don’t have clear answers (e.g., "Should I have married my high school sweetheart?"). And sometimes, what a Questioner is willing to pay is too little to justify the time commitment required for an answer. It’s also possible the answer to your question is simply not available online. If you do receive an answer, but are not satisfied with it, you can first request additional research through an "Answer Clarification" request. If still unsatisfied, you can request to have your question reposted for a new answer, you can apply for a refund and you can give the answer a poor rating.”

Google Answers: Frequently Asked Questions