Cecil Taylor at the Knitting Factory

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Thursday and Friday Only (two shows each night).

Cecil Taylor and the Sound Vision Orchestra

Pianist Cecil Taylor, along with Ornette Coleman, is the father of free jazz. Soon after his emergence in the mid-&#8217;50s, he was the most advanced improviser in jazz; five decades later he is still the most radical. Having worked with everyone from John Coltrane and Clark Terry to Steve Lacy and Evan Parker, his vision and sound remain singular. All Music Guide uses the words "Intense, Fiery, Complex, Brash, Provocative, Autumnal, Aggressive, Cerebral, Elegant, Volatile." You&#8217;ve never heard anything like it, and as he is, to this day, decades ahead of his time, you likely never will. Typically performing solo, duo, and in small units, this upcoming performance with a 25-piece orchestra is a rare treat, especially within the intimate confines of the Knitting Factory.&#8221; </blockquote> 

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