Suits Say Wal-Mart Forces Workers to Toil Off the Clock

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who worked from 1995 to 2000 at a Wal-Mart in southeast Kansas City.”A company that makes billions of dollars doesn’t have to do that.”

But she and 40 other current and former Wal-Mart workers interviewed over the last four months say Wal-Mart has done just that, forcing or pressuring employees to work hours that were not recorded or paid. Federal and state laws bar employers from making hourly employees work unpaid hours. Wal-Mart’s policies forbid such work. But many current and former workers and managers said an intense focus on cost cutting had created an unofficial policy that encouraged managers to request or require off-the-clock work and avoid paying overtime.


In the process, these lawsuits contend, the company has cheated Wal-Mart employees and workers at its warehouse-store division, Sam’s Club, out of hundreds of millions of dollars a year.”