In Defense of S.U.V.’s

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This was in today’s letters section of the New York Times, and it explains why they will never print my letters … Did they print this because SUV owners are under-represented? Was it out of irony? I love the last line!

To the Editor:

Is there no limit to the demonizing of the sport utility vehicle (letter, June 21)?

It seems as if the easiest response to our environmental ills is the banishment of the S.U.V. and the persecution of its owners. One concerned citizen recently left a photocopied note on my window chastising me for harming the environment, with no irony at all about the harm done by wasting paper and energy with this type of protest.

My S.U.V. serves my family extremely well. It provides a level of safety in collisions that other vehicles do not (maybe the answer is more S.U.V.’s). Its high profile allows for very good visibility on the road (yes, at the expense of those in smaller cars; I guess we could ban all trucks and buses as well).

The fuel cost is borne entirely by me, and though this makes the United States more dependent on foreign oil, it is also the most powerful method of introducing capitalism and democracy into corrupt oil-producing nations.<br /> <br /> ERIC MULLEN<br /> <br /> New York, June 21, 2002&#8243; </blockquote> 

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