Lawmakers Say Bush May Roll Back Part of Reform Law

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Lawmakers credited whistle-blowers with helping bring to light accounting abuses at Enron Corp. and other major corporations, and said the changes approved by Congress and signed by Bush should encourage more corporate insiders to come forward and cooperate with investigators.

But in a statement by Bush outlining the administration’s interpretation of the new law, the protections would apply to whistle-blowers who provide information to congressional committees conducting investigations, but not necessarily individual lawmakers. "An individual member of Congress does not conduct an investigation," White House spokeswoman Claire Buchan explained.

Key lawmakers said this interpretation could amount to a rollback of what Congress intended to protect whistle-blowers from retaliation.”

Yahoo! News — Lawmakers Say Bush May Roll Back Part of Reform Law

That article, along with this one A couple weeks ago a Bush appointee at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Laura J. Miller, sent out a memo to local administrators telling them to stop healthcare outreach programs to vets so that the Department could save money.” were both found on the Talking Points Memo blog.