US terror suspects ‘must be named’

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At the bottom of this article it mentions that most of the people detained were deported, but this is not commented upon. Why where they deported? Oh, I forgot — it doesn’t matter …

A US federal judge has ordered the US Justice Department to disclose the names of suspects being held in connection with the 11 September attacks on New York and Washington.


In her ruling, the judge said that while the court understood the government’s first priority in a time of crisis was the physical security of its citizens, it was the obligation of the judicial branch to ensure the government was operating constitutionally.

The Justice Department has detained nearly 1,200 people in relation to its 11 September investigation, according to officials.

Most of them have since been deported, but the government disclosed in June that at least 147 people were still being held, including 74 on charges involving immigration infractions.”