NYPL Research Libraries will be closed on Mondays

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Where is the outrage? I have not seen any news stories about this. Of course, working there everyday myself I am biased, but it seems to me that there are a host of people who depend on the libraries during the work week who would be justifiably outraged that the State can’t divert a small portion of its funds to keeping this public institution open!!!

Due to budget reductions, all of The Research Libraries will be closed on Mondays, beginning September 9, 2002. Hours for Tuesday through Saturday public services remain in place as presently scheduled, and will be reassessed in October.”

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I sent a message to the mayor:

Here is my message:

I am outraged that the City is not able to keep the NY Public Library open 6 days a week. I understand the need to meet budgetary guidelines, but I cannot believe that these cuts cannot be made in a more judicious manner. Public resources give back far more than they cost the city. The great civic institutions of New York are not simply a reflection of the city’s success, they are also part of what makes the city great!