woman plunging to her death

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I think it is a beautiful and moving sculpture. Too bad people can’t stomach it …

Response to a jarring depiction of a woman plunging to her death, created in memory of those who jumped or fell out of the top floors of the World Trade Center last year, was covered and then removed last night after drawing complaints from disturbed patrons of Rockefeller Center.

Tumbling Woman by respected artist Eric Fischl went on display last week in Rockefeller Center’s underground concourse, next to the skating rink used by tourists and midtown office workers. The life-size statue shows a naked woman with her legs and arms flailing above her head. It is accompanied by a poem written by Mr. Fischl, which reads: "We watched, disbelieving and helpless, on that savage day. People we love began falling, helpless and in disbelief."

Mr. Fischl is known for his representational paintings and his powerful, aggressive, and occasionally erotic human forms.”

From The Globe and Mail

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