55% of 1999 Quake Victims are Ineligable for Housing

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But even so the Lius are categorized by the Cabinet-level 921 Earthquake Post-Disaster Recovery Commission’s regulations as”ineligible” for housing because — under ad hoc regulations introduced to address post-quake homelessness — only those owning the title to damaged property are entitled to live in temporary housing. The regulations were made after the government had provided temporary accommodation for all those made homeless by the quake.

Under the eligibility criteria, among the 4,487 households still living in the housing, a total of 2,754 households, or about 55 percent, are actually "ineligible." The regulations have been criticized by the 921 Recovery Scrutiny Unit, an organization formed by opposition lawmakers and families who lived near the epicenter of the 921 earthquake.”

The Taipei Times Online