War Talk Provides Cover Fire

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Thanks to for pointing out no less than three stories about the link between war talk” and burying domestic issues before the elections.

The Bush administration dominates the news every time it says anything about its prospective war with Iraq. As an example, the”strategy” document released Friday, calling for preemptive action against terror, was mostly a rehash of the president’s speech of June 1. And yet discussion of its particulars dominated the weekend, as other news was mostly buried.

And maybe that’s the real brilliance of the Bushies–changing the subject away from the economy, stupid.”

Los Angeles Times

In a significant change from earlier in September, Americans now say that the situation in Iraq will be more important to them in determining their vote in the upcoming mid-term Congressional elections than the economy.”

Gallup Poll

Sen. Robert C. Byrd, D-W.Va., said President Bush