Chicken Hawks and Ignorance

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Ignorance seems to be a guiding principle among the administration’s hawks. Dick Cheney supported South African apartheid and voted against a congressional resolution to free Nelson Mandela from prison. According to Frances Fitzgerald in The New York Review of Books, Cheney didn’t trust Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev and advised President Reagan to keep up Cold War pressure rather than encourage Gorbachev’s reforms.

Richard Perle, the guru of Bush’s "bomb now, think later" brain-trust, once advised former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to "make a clean break" with the Oslo peace process. He and others in the Bush administration, including Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, are on record as opposing a Palestinian state. Is this how the Bush administration expects to get Islamic support for its "get Saddam" policy?

Rumsfeld’s Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security, J.D. Crouch, called in 1995 for a pre-emptive military strike against North Korea, an attack that would have brought war to the entire Korean peninsula.” — Case Dismissed