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Tom Tomorrow has an excellent rant in his blog today. Here is an excerpt:

And in an article about the march in yesterday’s Salon, Michelle Goldberg writes:

What (the peace movement) doesn’t appear to have is a powerful affirmative message to match its scathing critique of American foreign policy. If war isn’t the answer, what is? "No Justice, No Peace, U.S. Out of the Middle East" doesn’t cut it, unless we intend to abandon the Kurds to Saddam.

The phrasing of the question puts the onus on those who oppose war to come up with a suitable alternative. It declares that we must have an answer, a presupposition which automatically hands the advantage to those who are willing to pretend that they do have an answer: bomb Iraq. Or, excuse me, Saddam–this isn’t a war with Iraq, it’s a war with Saddam, as the latest facile piece of prowar reasoning would have it. And never mind the unfortunate civilians who happen to be standing on the wrong streetcorner when the daisy cutters start falling out of the sky, the human beings whose only crime was to have been born into the wrong society. Tough luck, champ. Sorry about your wife, your infant son. That’s the breaks. We had to do something–you just got in the way.

Except, of course, that our moral outrage concerning the Kurds is a little late–about fourteen years late, actually.”

This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow