The Times runs a tacit correction (Tom Tomorrow)

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”The demonstration on Saturday in Washington drew 100,000 by police estimates and 200,000 by organizers’, forming a two-mile wall of marchers around the White House. The turnout startled even organizers, who had taken out permits for 20,000 marchers. They expected 30 buses, and were surprised by about 650, coming from as far as Nebraska and Florida.

A companion demonstration in San Francisco attracted 42,000 protesters, city police there said, and smaller groups demonstrated in other cities, including about 800 in Austin, Tex., and 2,500 in Augusta, Me.”

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The prowar types would love to play this down, I&#8217;m sure, but this is huge. It took years for the Vietnam era protests to reach this level.&#8221;

This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow