Old Blog Import

I will be moving the mailing list for this blog over to a service run by This is a free service that allows you to get one daily e-mail with updates from all your subscribed blogs. So, for instance, if you subscribed to my Cultural Web log as well as this one, you would still only get one e-mail each day! Also, it allows for HTML formmated e-mail which looks much better and should be easier to read.

The only down-side is I will no longer be able to manage your subscriptions. You will receive an e-mail with your password andn you will need to go to the bloglet web page to turn off your subscription if you need to do so. This is very easy to do!

You could also go and sign up for other blogs, or RSS feeds. This featue is very nice — you could sign up to get the BBC news, or any of your favorite blogs, along with the e-mail you receive from me. It may take a few days for the change to go into effect, so be patient. But, don’t delete your password e-mail from bloglet when it comes!!!

What is Bloglet?

Bloglet is a service that allows your readers to subscribe to your site via email. Once your readers sign up, they will receive a daily email with a summary of your posts from that day.”