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Last week, senior White House officials, in a meeting with AIDS activists, made it plain that President Bush is going to insist on underfunding the fight against global AIDS until disproven or underesourced programs have delivered the results they are unable to produce. The childish banality of the Administration is would be laughable, if there were not 100 million lives hanging in the balance.

At the same time, the Bush administration assualts AIDS organizations serving communities of color, youth and gay men with vicious audits and intimidation tactics. Federal AIDS drug programs continue to be starved by the Bush Administration, and the Early Treatment Act for HIV gathers dust on the shelf, requiring people with AIDS in the United States to spend themselves into poverty or wait until they are very sick to qualify for health care and medicine.

*** If it was not already abundantly clear, simply asking the White House is not going to work. We must join to our voices and power to change this deadly equation ***

On Tuesday November 26, an extremely diverse angry crowd of at least 4-500 people with AIDS and their supporters are paying a visit to the Bush Administration in Washington DC. This is a two days before Thanksgiving, and timed so as not to conflict with other December 1-World AIDS Day remembrances.”