Qualifications for Inspectors?

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This is an alarming article in the Washington Post, which reveals that no background checks were conducted for the UN arms inspectors. Considering the importance of their task it is shocking.

I don’t care for the Washington Posts’ use of one inspector’s leadership in an S&M club as a way of smearing him. It doesn’t seem to be particularly relavent. The real story was skipped over – why there were no background checks. Considering the hightened level of security everywhere, why did the US/UN allow this to happen? It seems that part of the reason is simply a lack of funds for the UN. There is a quote which states:

"As the United Nations, with people applying from many countries, we do not have the capability to do that," said Ewen Buchanan, a spokesman for UNMOVIC. "How would you check?"

Good question. It is hard to do anything without a budget, but you’d think they would have raised the issue before they assembled the team!”

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