Monthly Review December 2002 The Editors

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This quote makes this article sound like it is arguing that its all oil” actually, it makes a very different point. However, it is interesting to note that the current status-quo favores Russian, Italian and French oil interests while war could turn things in favor of US companies. And who are the countries that were trying to negotiate the terms of the Security Council resolution? Very interesting …

At present the French oil giant TotalFinaElf has the largest position in Iraq, with exclusive negotiating rights to develop fields in the Majnoon and Bin Umar regions. The biggest deals after that have been expected to go to Eni in Italy, and a Russian consortium led by LukOil. If U.S. armed forces enter and establish either a puppet government or a U.S. mission, all of this is brought into question.”

As for the rest of the article. It basically points out that the main purpose of the war is the establishment of US hegemony:

This same mentality pervades the new National Security Strategy of the United States, recently transmitted from the executive branch to Congress (New York Times, September 20, 2002). This document establishes three key principles of U.S. strategic policy: (1) the perpetuation of unrivaled U.S. global military dominance, so that no nation will be allowed to rival or threaten the United States; (2) U.S. readiness to engage in