Lott liked the old-racist Thurmand, not the new reformed one!

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It’s true that, to our knowledge, Thurmond has never given a big speech saying, essentially,”I was wrong to run in 1948.” But the man has gone through something of an evolution in his life; the Strom of the past 20 years is not the same as the Strom of 1948, just as the Robert Byrd of today is not the former Ku Kux Klan member he once was. (Byrd, notably, has publicly repudiated his past mistakes.) Through a press release from the good folks at People for the American Way, we learn that Thurmond voted to grant voting rights to the mostly black population of Washington, D.C. in 1978; voted for 1982’s Voting Rights Act Extension (the most important civil rights legislation of that decade); voted for the creation of a Martin Luther King, Jr. national holiday in 1983; and voted to make Roger Gregory the first black judge ever seated on the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Lott voted the other way — every time.”