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I hope this is a joke:

Mr. Gore’s decision opens the way for his running mate from 2000, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, to run for president. Mr. Lieberman had said he would run only if Mr. Gore did not, but he has been actively laying the groundwork in the event that Mr. Gore stepped aside.”

NY Times

There seems to be a fairly wide consensus that the reason the Democrats are doing so badly is because they are no longer distinguishable from republicans on most issues. This article shows that Landrieu had to work to differentiate herself before she could win Louisiana. But, as many have pointed out, Liberman is practically a republican. In fact, he was elected because the Conn. republican establishment felt that their candidate was too liberal, and chose to support Liberman instead! As much as I dislike Gore, he has been working hard to differentiate himself on a host of issues (including editing a book with pictures of non-traditional” families). Lieberman is to the right of Gore …