Two weeks off…

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I’m going to be doing other things for the next two weeks, so this site won’t be updated till after January 7th. I strongly urge you to take a daily peek at these sites:

Tom Tomorrow

The American Prospect



War in Context

Most of what is here come from the fact that I read those sites, so if you look at them yourself you won’t be missing anything! I strongly recommend getting a web browser other than Micro$oft Internet Explorer — one that supports tabbed browsing”. This allows you to open multiple web pages in a single window (with little tabs). If you have a Macintosh Computer, then you should use Chimera — by far the best web browser I have ever used. If you have Windoze, then I suggest you use Mozilla. I’ve heard that Opera isn’t bad either, but Mozilla is free and is improving every day! What you can do with these browsers is save a bookmark that will open not ONE, but more than TEN web pages all at once in the same window. Simply open up all your favorite news web sites (including the NY Times, the Washington Post, BBC News, and the above Blogs) in multiple tabs within the same window, then choose to save as group” when filing your bookmark! Now you can read news the way I do!

Have a happy New Year!


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