Who’s Playing ‘Class Warfare’?

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With so many Americans losing their jobs and their health insurance, with senior citizens getting clobbered by prescription drug costs, with money short for educating kids, you’d think we could find better ways of stimulating the economy.

But everything I just said is politically incorrect because it involves a kind of warfare of which the president most definitely disapproves.

"I understand the politics of economic stimulus, that some would like to turn this into class warfare," Bush said last week as he was giving reporters a tour of that very nice ranch he owns in Crawford, Tex. "That’s not how I think."

Now, if I were in the president’s position — or in the position of the wealthy contributors who lavishly financed the campaigns of his political friends last year — I wouldn’t want anyone to talk about class either. God forbid we look at the details of exactly who benefits most from this administration’s policies.”