Farrakahan’s Fault or Congress?

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This article makes it seem like it is Farrakahan’s fault that there are no accurate numbers on how many people attended today’s march. I find this hard to believe, and very convienent”. It is very useful for Congress not to have any record of how many people attend these protests. They very rarely are showing up out of support of Congress!

For 30 years, measuring crowds rested on the shoulders of the U.S. Park Police, which divided the Mall into sections, used aerial photographs to determine the density of the crowd and issued a headcount. The numbers often were disputed. After officials estimated the Million Man March in 1995 was more like the 400,000-Man March, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakahan threatened to sue. Congress later mandated that the Park Police, an arm of the National Park Service, bow out of the counting business.

"It was to prevent us from being sued," said Bill Line, spokesman for the Park Service. "Any political issue you can think of would have protests, and they’d demand that the Park Service count."”