Army v. Bush — Affirmative Action

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The NY Times has an interesting article about how the Administration’s brief on the Michigan case threatens long-standing practices at US Military Academies. This is but one of a number of articles about how the administration has been at odds with the military, but here it extends beyond National Security or the War in Iraq.

… several outside legal experts argue that the administration’s legal theories in briefs it filed with the Supreme Court in the case raise serious questions about the procedures at the elite training grounds for future military leaders at West Point, Annapolis and Colorado Springs.

Expressing similar concerns, a group of retired senior officers is planning to file a friend-of-the-court brief next month warning against any Supreme Court ruling that could imperil the academies’ contribution to the integrated officer corps.

… The military argument is that with racial minorities making up from 28 percent of the enlisted personnel in the Air Force to 44 percent in the Army, almost all-white ranks of officers would hurt morale.