Pictures you won’t be seeing.

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You can be sure when the next Gulf War starts we won’t be seeing many pictures like this.

Something to think about when you read stuff like this:

On the first day of war the United States will rain down 300-400 cruise missiles on Iraq, according to a report by CBS news. That averages out at one missile every four minutes around the clock, easily exceeding the total fired over six weeks in the 1991 Gulf war.

Interestingly, Bush’s the following is now commonly being stated as Bush’s motive for war:

The neo-conservatives see Iraqi oil as a political weapon which can be used to undermine Saudi Arabia’s influence and thus promote their grand design for reshaping the entire Middle East.

That is, it is about oil — but not in the strictly economic sense of making Bush and his pals rich. If true, I continue to find it remarkable how idealistic so-called cynical conservatives really are. They, despite the history of similar plans throughout South America (the place to look for anti-US sentiment), still think that Democracy and Pro-US sentiment can be imposed from above…by bombs no-less. Now how foolish is that?