Why don’t we use GPS?

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For me, the most worrisome claim made by Powell at the UN Security Council was about the mobile biological weapons factories. If true, and Powell said that that this evidence was supplied by multiple eye-witness accounts that allowed them to create accurate sketches of the inner workings of these mobile factories, then there are some serious questions we must ask:

  1. Wouldn’t going to war with Iraq be as dangerous as going to war with a nuclear power like Korea?

  2. If this guy in Kenosha, Wisconsin can use a GPS tracking device to find out where his ex-girlfriend is going, why can’t the US get its spies to do the same on Iraqi weapons factories?

  3. He said that weapons inspectors couldn’t search all of the thousands of trucks and trains in Iraq — but they wouldn’t have to. All they need to do is find one in order to prove that these things exist. I’m sure that random spot-checks at a few key points would eventually turn one of these up.