No War Wikki!!!

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Even though I didn’t get any offers for hosting of the No War Wikki, I’ve got it up and running!!! Right now there is no actual content, but anyone who registers as a user can add content. Please check out the site, and help make it work! There is information on the main page about what to do if you can help out as an editor on the site.

A wikki is a collaborative web site where any user can edit any page. More information about this is located on the site. The idea is to create a database of the best of” all the articles that have been posted to all of the anti-war blogs, newspapers, etc. on the web. Guidelines for content submission are posted on the site. More information about wikkis is is also posted there.

The official URL is Because I am using a cheap hosting solution you will see the URL change after you click on a few links. Please use the official URL when linking to the site, as the other url may change. (If someone offers me a better hosting solution…)