NY Times reporters willing to believe anything…

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A recent NY Times article says this:

In Afghanistan, the biggest lesson we learned in our tactical information operations — the radio and TV broadcasts — was the importance in explaining, `Why are we here?’” a senior American military officer said. The majority of Afghanis did not know that Sept. 11 occurred. They didn’t even know of our great tragedy.”

I find this very hard to believe. It reminds me of a story told to my parents by the Anthropologist Asen Balikci. One day in 1962 he was out in the Afghan desert when a nomad approached on a camel. The man was crying. Balikci asked him what was wrong, and the man replied: Marilyn Monroe is dead!” Now, he may have never seen her picture, but he sure as hell knew what was happening in the world from listening to the short wave radio! And that was in 1962. Now you are going to tell me that the majority of Afghanis did not know that Sept. 11 occurred? Those NY Times reporters will believe anything…