Boycott Taco Bell!

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Would you be willing to pay 1/4 of 1 penny more for your Chalupa if it meant that farmworkers could earn a living wage?

Last Friday, Food First staff Anuradha Mittal and Christine Ahn joined thousands of supporters who came out in solidarity with the 75 workers, students, and allies from Immokalee, Florida who were fasting in front of the Taco Bell headquarters in Irvine, CA.

It was DAY 5 of the hunger strike, and despite their discomfort from being hungry for several days in cold rainy weather, the fasters appeared in good spirits and moved by the overwhelming numbers of friends who joined them in their struggle for their first wage increase in 25 years. This marks one of the largest hunger strikes in U.S. labor history.

If Taco Bell agrees to pay one penny more per pound of tomatoes and passes this on to the workers, this would double the wages of farm workers, who earn on average $7,500 per year without health benefits or labor protections. Such abuse in the fields has led to six criminal convictions within five years in Florida by the U.S. Department of Justice, of which half were against tomato growers.

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