Our heroes, the Democrats

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I’m just copying this blog item entirely from Tom Tomorrow, so that my e-mail readers can see the whole list. See where the Democrats stand.

Our heroes, the Democrats

Short story: “partial birth abortion” is a canard, a wedge issue, a way for the anti-abortion crowd to inch closer to their objective through stealth rather than honest debate. It’s the equivalent of marijuana legalization advocates who also happen to be really, really enthused about the many practical applications of hemp fiber in everyday life.

And they just won an important victory. The vote was 64-33, with 3 abstaining. Which means that it was the 16 Senate Democrats who voted “yes” who put this thing over the top.

For what it’s worth, they were:

Bayh (D-IN) <br /> Breaux (D-LA) <br /> Byrd (D-WV) <br /> Carper (D-DE) <br /> Conrad (D-ND) <br /> Daschle (D-SD) <br /> Dorgan (D-ND) <br /> Hollings (D-SC) <br /> Johnson (D-SD) <br /> Landrieu (D-LA) <br /> Leahy (D-VT) <br /> Lincoln (D-AR) <br /> Miller (D-GA) <br /> Nelson (D-NE) <br /> Pryor (D-AR) <br /> Reid (D-NV)

Thanks, Democrats!

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While we&#8217;re on the topic, let&#8217;s pause for a moment of appreciation for the Democrats who helped set the imminent war in motion, by voting last fall to authorize the use of force against Iraq:

Baucus (D-MT) <br /> Baucus (D-MT) <br /> Bayh (D-IN) <br /> Biden (D-DE) <br /> Breaux (D-LA) <br /> Cantwell (D-WA) <br /> Carnahan (D-MO) <br /> Carper (D-DE) <br /> Cleland (D-GA) <br /> Clinton (D-NY) <br /> Daschle (D-SD) <br /> Dodd (D-CT) <br /> Dorgan (D-ND) <br /> Edwards (D-NC) <br /> Feinstein (D-CA) <br /> Harkin (D-IA) <br /> Hollings (D-SC) <br /> Johnson (D-SD) <br /> Kerry (D-MA) <br /> Kohl (D-WI) <br /> Landrieu (D-LA) <br /> Lieberman (D-CT) <br /> Lincoln (D-AR) <br /> Miller (D-GA) <br /> Nelson (D-FL) <br /> Nelson (D-NE) <br /> Reid (D-NV) <br /> Rockefeller (D-WV) <br /> Schumer (D-NY) <br /> Torricelli (D-NJ)

Thanks, Democrats!