Librarians up in arms — but not on the web!!!

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At the NY public library they had a letter-writing campaign to try to restore $9.6 million cut (in addition to the $16.1 million already cut) from the city and state budgets.

Librarians claim that the budget proposed by New York governor George Pataki, which cuts library funding from $89 million to $75.6 million, will decimate service statewide. While education is being reduced 8.5 percent—something that has education advocates up in arms—libraries are being slashed 15 percent, which suggests they are being singled out.

….To fight back, according to Keitel, librarians are “going to the print and broadcast media…

However, even though librarians may be using traditional media, they are not using the internet! A search on Google showed up almost no hits on this letter writing campaign. I was only able to find this article. But I strongly urge you to write a letter to your representative asking them to restore the library budget!