U.S. Marines pay the price of rigged war-games with their lives.

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Way back in August, the Army Times reported a story about how a retired U.S. officer resigned his role as commander of enemy forces in the biggest war games in U.S. military history. He did so because he believed these games were rigged” and scripted” to ensure a U.S. military victory. Only the Guardian U.K. and the web log Tapped ran the story. (Which I linked to here.)

Now, more than six months later, The US army’s senior ground commander in Iraq, General William Wallace, warned that long supply lines and Iraqi guerrilla-style tactics had reduced the chances of a swift military victory.” But, here’s the part that the BBC has reported is causing some unease in the Pentagon”:

The enemy we’re fighting is different from the one we’d war-gamed against,” he told The Washington Post..