Texas-style race-neutral plans for diversity are based on segregation

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The Texas-style admissions policies supported by the President only work because of how segregated Texas schools are:

Texas-style plans achieve significant diversity only if high schools are highly segregated. It is disingenuous to claim that these plans are not racially conscious. They may prevent universities from considering race in individual cases, but they accept — indeed, they rely on — the racially driven processes that produce and maintain segregation.

From the NY Times.

Another article makes this important point:

Taking race into account, in university admissions or in other aspects of life, does not require abandoning a commitment to individualism. One can hold that race is irrelevant to a person’s moral worth — that people, not groups, are the bearers of rights — and still affirm that to deal effectively with individuals, we must consider the categories of thought in which they understand themselves.